Endwalker Relics Tied to Hildibrand

There has been some mixed reactions in the Final Fantasy XIV community regarding the announcement in the latest Live Letter From The Producer about the Endwalker relics. The relics, officially called the New Weapon Enhancement Quests are part of the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures story line.

This has caused some mixed reaction because the Hildibrand quest line is one of the longest, if not the longest quest line that is not part of the Main Scenario Quests. The quest starts all the way back in A Realm Reborn and has had updates in each expansion besides Shadowbringers. In addition to that, the quest line is known for its slapstick humour that not everyone appreciates. Naturally many people were apprehensive about this.

It is worth noting that Patch 6.2 is still a fair bit away so there is plenty of time to get up to date until then. The relic weapons are known to be quite grindy in the past, so doing the quest line can be considered part of that ‘grind’.

There is still some hope in the community that this is not the relic weapons but is merely another relic weapon quest line, however there is no basis for this rumor.

To get started on the Hildibrand quest line, go to Uldah and speak with Wymond (X: 9.8 Y: 8.7) near the entrance of the Adventurer’s guild. The quest is called The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen.