Neverland Obtains World 1st Clear of Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate

Six days after the release of the Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate, the raid has finally been cleared. The winning group is the Neverland Raid Group.

Members of the Neverland Raid Group announced the clear via twitter. They have released a video on youtube with an audio recording of their clear. The video does not show the clear itself, these are normally released once more groups have cleared.

The race for world 2nd clear is still on going with many expecting the raid group Thoughts Per Second (TPS) to be closely following. In the meantime, Sindalf, the tank of the TPS Raid group has passed on his congratulations to the Neverland Raid Group.

In another tweet, he also explained the reasons for their delay in the clear. The main reason being the lack of a consistent play. He also gave a “salty” reason which is their hesitancy to use the tank Limit Break to save Haurchefant in the Rewind portion of the raid.