Emergency Maintenance for Final Fantasy XIV Housing Residential Areas

There will be an emergency maintenance for residential areas in Final Fantasy XIV. The maintenance is related with the problems of the housing lottery system. It will start from April 20, 2022 07:30 a.m. (PDT). Square Enix did not provide us with any information about an estimated time of completion.

The maintenance comes after reported issues with the housing lottery system in FFXIV. The main problem is that a number of plots had the winning number set to ‘0’. Despite the number of entrants for multiple individual plots, the results showed there were no winners. As a result, Square Enix halted further lotteries. Players are currently unable to purchase or place entries for vacant plots.

The problem affects all Final Fantasy XIV Residential housing areas. The problem is not limited to the newly released Empyreum housing district. It includes plots for older housing areas such the Mist, Goblet, Shirogane and Lavender Beds.

Square Enix has assured winners of the previous lotteries that they will not have their winnings rolled back and that it is safe for them to start enjoying and decorating their houses.