Final Fantasy Patch 6.25 Job Adjustments and Release Dates

Update: There was a mistake in the translation. There will not be any numeral job tuning in Patch 6.25. The job tuning will be for Patch 6.28.

The most recent Live Letter (Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXIII) has given us some important information regarding Patch 6.25. Specifically the release date and job tuning.

The release date is set for 18th October 2022. This is an exciting patch because it comes with it the new dungeon types: Variant and Criterion Dungeons. As well as the Endwalker Relic Weapons (Manderville Weapons). Other exciting releases are Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures which will continue the comedy quest line of Detective Hildibrand, as well as the new Tribal Quests for Omicrons.

Patch 6.25 Patch 6.28 will bring with it some job balance changes. Final Fantasy XIV Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned in the Live Letter that there will only be numerical potency changes for the jobs. There will be no changes in the abilities and job designs which change how the jobs will play out. They are fine tuning the numbers for the moment to bring back the Melee and Range balance with the new Raid Design philosophy which have been favoring melee jobs. This would mean possible nerfs for melee jobs and possible buffs for ranged and caster jobs. No job design changes are planned until at least Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3.