Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.01 Notes Released

The patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV Content Patch 6.01 has been released. Many players have been looking forward to this patch since the release of the Endwalker expansion as it releases the first raid of the expansion.

The major content for the patch is the release of the Pandæmonium: Asphodelos raid tier. As typical of a normal raid tier, this will have four raid bosses available. The raid will require an average item level of 565 or above to enter and will be unlocked via the quest “Where Familiars Dare”.

In order to do the quest to unlock Pandæmonium: Asphodelos. Players will also need to complete the quest “The Crystal from Beyond”. This quest can be unlocked in Old Sharlayan (X:9.6 Y:11.9) from the NPC character “Nemjiji”.

The raid will reward tokens instead of gear. The tokens can be exchanged for the actual gear. Typical of current release raid tiers, there will be a limit for the amount of tokens you can Need or Greed. You can only receive one token per circle (boss) per week. The limit resets every Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. (PST).

Please note that at this point, only the Normal versions of the raid is available. The Savage versions will be released in Patch 6.05. Patch 6.05 will also include the release of the treasure hunt dungeon the Excitatron 6000.

The patch also releases a number of bug fixes and minor changes which you can find in the notes.