New Final Fantasy XIV Data Centers

SquareEnix has announced that new Worlds will be available for Final Fantasy XIV players. One of them will be a new Oceanic Data Center. The others will be an expansion of the Japanese Data Centers, North American Data Centers and the European Data Center.

The new Oceanic Data Center will be called Materia. It will include 5 new worlds that players can use to create new characters or transfer existing characters.

The Japanese Data Centers will change from the current three to four. The amount of Worlds will still be the same, however the existing worlds will increase the amount of simultaneous logins to be increased to 50,000 or more. This is scheduled to be implemented in July 2022.

The North American (NA) Data Center will be expanded in two stages. The first phase will be on August 2022. This will be a new logical data center with four new worlds added under it. The second stage will be in the spring or summer of 2023. This will include an additional four new worlds on the newly added data center. A further expansion is being considered for the launch of the next expansion (7.0) but that is a while a way.

The European Data Center expansion will also be different. Like, NA data centers, it will be in two stages. The first stage will be in July 2022 and will see the addition of four new Worlds to the current Data Centers. The second phase is scheduled for the summer of 2023 and will be the establishment of a new data center with 8 new worlds under it. They are also planning to secure floors pace for a fourth data center to be added.\

There will be bonuses received for creating and transferring characters to the New Worlds.

Transferring a character

  • Transfers will be free of charge.
  • There will be double EXP gains until level 80 is reached. This is valid for 90 days.
  • A gift of 10 chocobo feathers.
  • Compensation for the full price of the estate, plus 3 million gil for non recoverable furnishing (source).
  • Compensation of 500,000 gil for apartments and another 500,000 gil for non recoverable furnishing (source).

Creating a new character

  • Double EXP gains until level 80
  • A gift of 10 silver chocobo feathers.

Any character created during the bonus period that attain level 30 in any class will also get a gift of 15 days of free play time. This is limited once per service account.

The only setback could be the delay of the Data Center Travel. With many players currently having friends, Free Companies, statics in their current Data Center, not having Data Center Travel could be a hindrance to people wanting to transfer. Data Center travel is planned to be released on the 6.1x patch but that will only allow data center travel in the same region.