FFXIV Live Letter Part 67 Summary

There has been some shocking announcements from the live letter. In case you missed it, we have a summary for all the changes below.

The change list is quite massive so before we start, we’ll give you a list of what X|Vnews thinks are the most important changes:

  • Endwalker is delayed for 2 weeks. Early Access now start on December 3, 2021, and the official launch at December 7 2021.
  • A New small-scale PVP concept is being added
  • The PVP reward system is being overhauled
  • The amount of gil rewarded per levequest will be adjusted in light of gil inflation.
  • Mid level experience reset. For example if you are 75% of the way through Level 51, you will start again with 0 at Level 51 (as if you just completed the previous level).
  • Relocation to land that is not yet ready for purchase will no longer be available as of Patch 6.0

For more details, please see the detailed changes below.

Critical: Endwalker Delays

Unfortunately Endwalker has been delayed for 2 weeks. Early Access will now start on December 3 2021, and the official Launch will be on December 7 2021. This also means that the raid ( Patch 6.01) will also be moved 2 weeks. Patch 6.01 qwill now be realeased on December 21, 2021 and the savage (Patch 6.05) will be released on January 4 2022.

Endwalker revised schedule

New Trailer

The live letter also debuted a new trailer for Endwalker

New Area

The live letter showed us an artwork for a new area that has a name which is yet to be revealed.

New Role Quests

There will be 5 Questlines for all the roles:

  1. Tank
  2. Healer
  3. Melee DPS
  4. Physical Ranged DPS
  5. Magical Ranged DPS

There will be extra quests for completing all 5 questlines which will be added in 6.1 or later.

There will be no lv. 90 job quests. The job quest lines has been considered “finished” in Shadowbringers.

Studium Deliveries

There will be 5 questlines for Disciples of the Hand and Land similar to the Crystarium Deliveries.

  1. Blacksmith/Armorer/Goldsmith
  2. Carpenter/Leatherworker/Weaver
  3. Alchemist/Culinarian
  4. Botanist/Miner
  5. Fisher

New Dungeons trials and Raids

The live letter provided some screenshots of new Endwalker dungeons.

New Dungeons

New Trials

There will be a new secret trial for Endwalker. The live letter did not provide any additional updates.

New Raids

There will be a new raid dungeon called ‘Pandæmonium: Asphodelos’ which will be released in Patch 6.01. The savage version of the raid will be released in Patch 6.05.

New Treasure Dungeon (Hunts)

A new treasure dungeon called ‘The Excitatron 6000’ will be released in Patch 6.05.

A screenshot of The Excitatron 6000

PVP Update

A new PVP Battle “Crystal Conflict” will be released in Patch 6.1 This will be a new “small-scale PVP content”.

There will be a new reward system in Patch 6.1

The new Small-scale Concept

  • New small-scale content is 5v5 PVP content.
  • Short matches with simple rules that can be played casually and enjoyed in short bursts
  • No role-based matchmaking and actions
  • Addition of distinctive PVP actions and job-specific “Adrenaline Rushes”
  • 5 different jobs, no role restrictions
  • Casual, Ranked and Custom matches available
  • Skill-based matchmaking
  • Multiple maps available
  • There are traps on the maps that can be triggered to spice things up.
  • Different maps have different gimmicks or mechanics that can activate.

Basic Rules

  • Two teams with bases on opposite ends of the map compete to claim possession of a crystal in the centre.
  • Teams fight for possession of the crystal.
  • The team that gets the crystal into the goal wins. (Ie the Crystal is to be pushed into the opponent’s base).

Season Rewards

  • Ranking Rewards (Place)
  • Ranking Rewards (Tier)

As you progress through the tiers, you will go up in rank. Players will be rewarded with titles, achievements and other accolades.

PVP Rewards System Overhaul

“Series” periods will be added. (Tentative name), this is in addition to the seasons.

  • Players may earn series rewards by participating in any PVP Content during each series. It does not matter which PVP content you participate in.
  • Crystal Conflict will have each own season, but the general PVP will run in a series.
  • A series could for example be a period between two major patches (ie 6.1 to 6.2). Seasons will not be dependent on content patches.
  • Generally a season is a shorter period compared to a series.
  • Players can earn rewards by accumulating series EXP and raising their series level.
  • Special tokens indicated by ♦️ will be awarded for increasing your series level.
  • Gear, mounts and other items indicated by ⭐will be awarded for reaching certain series level.
  • When a new series begins, your series level will be reset to level1 and the reward line-up will change

They have not finalised the system yet and no clear delineation for the moment and things need to be ironed out.

Special Tokens

  • Tokens can be exchanged for various rewards. These tokens will accumulate within the series.
  • Earned tokens will carry over to the next series.
  • Previous series rewards will eventually be available via token exchange.

Calling Card System

This is a tentative name. The translator also called it a “Character Card”

  • This feature allows for customisation of profiles displayed before a match begins.
  • These will potentially be used outside of PVP as well, an addition to the profile that displays in the player search window.
  • Backgrounds and profile customisation options will be added as rewards throughout the game (some as PVP seasonal and series rewards).
  • This is not just for PVP and is generalized. They can be obtained through other content, just not in PVP.

The Feast

  • The feast will be unavailable as of Patch 6.1.
  • Feast will be closed so that players can focus on Crystal Conflict.
  • Preseason play will still be available from Patch 6.0 to 6.1
  • Wolf collars will still be obtainable and tradeable, so there will be no need to discard them.
  • Rewards currently available from the feast will be made available through the new PVP system.

Crafting and Gathering Adjustments

  • Disciples of the Land quests that currently require HQ items will be updated to accept both HQ and NQ items
  • HQ item delivery bonuses for Disciples of the Land will be removed and base rewards improved.
  • Actions that affect HQ yields when gathering will be adjusted.
  • The requirements for achievements that involve gathering HQ items will be updated so they can still be completed.

This is just for gathering. This does not affect crafters. Crafted items can still come out as HQ.

  • New actions will be added and existing actions will be adjusted.
  • Recipe progress and quality values will be adjusted in accordance with value downscaling across the board.
  • Along with the above, further adjustments will be made so that the difficulty of crafting HQ items will not increase significantly in 6.0

Mining and Botany

  • New actions will be added and existing actions will be adjusted.
  • The name of “Perception” will be adjusted in some languages. (English is unaffected)
  • Greater perception heightens the chances of triggering Gatherer’s boon which increases yield by one.
  • Actions that increase the probability of obtaining HQ items will be replaced with actions that increase the probability of Gather’s boon.


  • New actions will be added and existing actions will be adjusted
  • “Large-sized” fish will now appear in place of HQ fish, and action descriptions will be adjusted to reflect this
  • Perception will affect fish collectability

Spearfishing adjustments

Spearfishing has been changed to a “mini-game of sorts.”

  • Upon locating teeming waters, players will now directly utilize their harpoon to catch fish for greater immersion.
  • Enjoy special mini-game actions, bonuses for successive catches, and more!

Leve Reward Adjustments

The amount of gil rewarded per levequest will be adjusted in light of gil inflation.

  • The EXP and gil rewarded by tradecraft and fishing leves requiring a large number of items are currently too high and will be reduced.
  • EXP and gil rewarded by certain other leves will be increased.
  • EXP values may appear reduced in some cases, as EXP downscaling will be implemented concurrently.

System Adjustments

Required and Earned EXP Downscaling

  • All classes and jobs, retainers, and trust NPCs will be affected
  • The time, number of duty clears, etc., required to level up will remain unchanged.
  • IMPORTANT: Mid-level EXP Reset
    • The database must be overwritten to implement the downscaling of values. As a result any EXP Accumulated between levels prior to 6.0 will be reset to 0.
    • For example if you are 75% of the way through Level 51, you will start again with 0 at Level 51 (as if you just completed the previous level).
    • All classes and jobs, retainers, and Trust NPCs will be affected
  • New Allagan tomestones:
    • Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism (no weekly cap)
    • Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy (will be added 4 weeks after 6.0 release – around the time of the savage raids).
    • Poetics will remain.
  • The number of tomestones required for weapon exchange will be reduced from 1,000 to 500.
  • New Scrips
    • Purple Crafter’s Scrip
    • Purple Gatherer’s Scrip
  • Achievement UI Updates – A new UI is made available for achievements with a notebook style look with tabs to aid in navigation.
  • Mounts: there are many new mounts but they are not able to show because of spoilers. They are not even able to show flavour texts.
  • GPOSE can now be activated while playing an instrument
  • The company action “Back on Your Feet” will be replaced with an action that extends sprint duration within cities.
  • Items containing a random minion or mount will be added to the Grand Company Seal Exchange
  • Support for “Embody’s Immerse Spatial Audio” will be added (Windows only). Brings 360 degree personalized spatial audio to the world of Final Fantasy XIV.
    • It seems like we take a picture of our ear that we send to SquareEnix which will allow them to create a sound profile for our ear.
    • An additional license has to be purchased (Immerse Gamepack for Final Fantasy XIV Edition)
      • 14 day free trial with Early Access
      • Pre-purchase benefits – save 20% on all orders. Early experience before official release
    • With Patch 6.05
      • Official release. Pricing:
      • NA $19.99
      • UK £18.00
      • FR €20.40
      • DE €20.23

Housing Update

  • A new residential district ‘Empyreum will be added’. The area will be based on the Firmament.
  • 24 wards, 24 subdividisons are planned.
  • Players may tour Empyreum in Patch 6.0. Land will be available for purchase from Patch 6.1
  • Relocation to land that is not yet ready for purchase will no longer be available as of Patch 6.0
  • Land devaluation will be removed in Patch 6.1
  • It will no longer be possible to grand brand-new FC members authorisation to purchase land or the rank of FC Master in Patch 6.1
  • A lottery system will be implemented in Patch 6.1
  • The majority of new plots available will be with the lottery system but they will monitor to see if there is a need for the first come first serve system.
  • To enter the lottery for a private plot:
    • Must have at least one class or job at Level 50 or above.
    • Character must hold the Grand Company rank of second lieutenant or above.
    • Another character on the same service account must not own a plot in the same World. You may enter the lottery for the purpose of relocating to a new plot.
  • To enter the lottery for a free company plot:
    • Character must be a member of a free company, with authorisation to purchase and relinquish land.
    • Free company must have at least 4 members and be rank 6 or above.
    • Another character on the same service account must not own as a buyer an FC plot on the same World. You may enter the lottery for the purpose of relocating to a new plot.
  • In order to purchase a plot in Empyreum or Shirogane, players must first complete the main scenario quests “Litany for Peace” and “Not without Incident” respectively.
  • Lottery schedule will be shared across all Worlds and housing areas.
    • Phase 1: Players can view a plot’s placard and enter the lottery, receiving an entry number.
    • Phase 2: Winning numbers are decided, and winners must claim possession of the land. This can last for several days in case the player is not able to login.
  • Each player may only enter the lottery for one plot of land during each lottery period.
  • Lottery entry will take place at each empty plot’s placard where players can view the number of entrants.
  • Players must pay the full price of the plot upon entry- unsuccessful players will be refunded in full within a limited time frame (provisionally set to 90 days).
  • Players cannot withdraw after entering a lottery
  • The winning entrant can be confirmed via the plot’s placard.
  • Once the lottery is over. The winners must claim possession of their land within this period or it will be forfeit. Only 50% of the purchase price of forfeit land will be refunded.
  • The same rules apply for relocation. If you wanted to relocate you are able to apply in the same manner as if you were purchasing a new plot.
  • There will be new housing types available.